winos2 paste not working anymore Word <-> Excel ?

winos2 paste not working anymore Word <-> Excel ?

Post by Marko Stenv » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00


Couple of weeks ago I could copy-paste nicely between any app. but now
I can no loger paste data between Excel and Word. To clipboard the data comes
ok and between any other apps I can paste. Even to Excel or Word.

If I copy data from Excel, the paste is not selectable in Word and shortcut
key just beeps (Ctrl-ins, Ctrl-v). If I copy data in Word and try to paste it
to Excel, then I get some error message 'not possible to paste'.

I asked local Microsoft support what is wrong but they can only advise me
that I chkdsk my disk for lost clusters (which I did beforehand) and
deinstall MS Office and then reinstall it (Which I did - no help).

If I boot to MSDOS and Win3.11 the same apps works fine.

Is this because of XR_m001? I installed it some days ago.
What files are responsible of winos2 clipboard functions? What files I should
restore from archive?      

What is wrong with my system? (OS/2 4.0. winos2 is in HPFS d:\os2\mdos\winos2
and win3.11 is in FAT c:\windows).  



winos2 paste not working anymore Word <-> Excel ?

Post by Billy C » Sun, 11 May 1997 04:00:00


Check the properties notebook for the win-os2 session.  Make sure that
clipboard and dde are both set "on".  Hope this helps.  

Bill Connors, Gaithersburg, MD