use cd-text with audio/data-cd-creator

use cd-text with audio/data-cd-creator

Post by Roger Troo » Tue, 16 Oct 2001 16:19:07


Is it possible to enable CD-Text in Audio/Data-CD-Creator from Chris
Wohlgemuth? If so, how?

Kind regards,

Roger Troost, Bunde, NL
ProNews2 / eComStation user


1. Audio/Data-CD-Creator installation problem

Hi all!

Since version 0.43 I have the following problem with
Audio/Data-CD-Creator: Upon installation the templates are not created
correctly. They are only folders - not templates - and neither the
background nor the object ID is set. Of course, the creation of
shadows in the CD-Writing folder also fails due to the missing object

The install script doesn't seem to have changed. I tried installing
and de-installing without success. Using CHECKINI and Unimaint to
check the OS/2 INI files has no effect. Strangely enough, once I
install a version prior to 0.43 everything is fine again.
Christian Hennecke

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