WARP Guru Needed for Video Question

WARP Guru Needed for Video Question

Post by Aneurin Bosl » Wed, 03 May 1995 04:00:00

I have a Gateway 2000 Colorbook with 512K of Video memory using Cirrus
chips (5430 I think). When I was using windows I could get 800*600*256
(on an external screen), and 640*480*256 on my Dual Scan screen. I have
so far been unable to get anything better than 640*480*16 in Warp, though
if I fire up Descent in a DOS full screen I obviously get more colors.

Gateway does not support OS/2, and I cannot get them to advise me on what
to do. Is there a video driver somewhere on the planet which would support
higher resolutions and colors with 512K of Video Mem in Warp?

Thank you,
Aneurin Bosley

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Finally got Warp installed, on my machine.  Have Stealth 64 DRAM VLB.
Went through the unholy process of installing, moving files, rebooting,
Setup, etc...  FINALLY got the drivers to install and be recognized.

Here's my problem.  My Screen page in my System Notebook only shows
up through 1024x768 resolutions.  I want 1280x1024x256.  I know this
can be done under Warp, as I've seen other Stealth 64 owners talking
about it working.

Also, my 1024x768xwhatever that I'm currently using is UGLY!  The
refresh rate is awful, and various things appear funky.  The clock
icon, f'r'instance, loses its horizontal hand as it moves vertically,
flickering on and off every other pixel-row.  This won't do.

Why won't Warp see that my card and display are capable of 1280x1024?
If I get this resolution, is it going to be flickering and ugly, too?

Please e-mail as well as post, and thanks in advance.

R Pickett          <--- watch this space for exciting changes 06/95!!!


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