EIDE Busmaster

EIDE Busmaster

Post by Keith L Morr » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I just bought a new 2.0 Gig Maxtor drive that supports PIO 3 & 4 and also DMA
1 &2.

I have a Promise 4030VL-2 Cache controller (without the LBA update.)

I installed as such:

Boot Manager
100 Meg C: drive FAT
400 Meg D: drive FAT on 400 Meg second drive (Western Digital.)
400 Meg E: drive HPFS for OS/2
1500 Megg F: HPFS for storage etc.
(Since I boot from the E: partition, I don't need LBA.)

However, here is the clincher.  I have 4 Meg of hardware cache on the Promise.

It was giving me really low throughput in DOS and OS/2.
I replaced it with a DTC 2278 EIDE and put the correct DOS and OS/2 drivers
onto the
operating systems.

Now I get 10X the throughput on the Maxtor and 4X on the Western Digital.  
(But I do miss the 4 Meg hardware cache.... it adds a little bit of zest...
most everything loads faster with the non-cached controller running the drives
at the
higher PIO rates.

QUESTION:  I am considering getting an EIDE controller that supports DMA 1&2
since the
drives support this.  What experiences have people had with busmastering (DMA

At this time I'll just snag a VESA controller card for about $80.00 but
ultimately I will dump the motherboard I have and get a dual-pentium PCI
(LATER. When I save some bucks...)  But in the meantime I'll get the
DMA capable VESA board.

Has anyone done something similar?  I understand the CPU utilization goes down
when doing I/O.  (Which is a lot since I only have 20 Meg on the motherboard.)

This should add a bit of zing to OS/2.  (Although not DOS probably...)


(Is there any DMA capable BUSMASTERING EIDE CACHE boards out there?  Or is the
incapable of doing DMA because the cache is between the MB and the drive?)



EIDE Busmaster

Post by Martin Ban » Sun, 28 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have tried to locate Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) to get updated IDE
My problem is that in Merlin and DOS, my CDROM CD620E from Creative Labs works
great but in Warp Connect I get a Trap000D if I use the IBM1s506.add or
siside.add driver. I can boot Connect with a Western Digital driver, but I get
no CDROM :-(

I have tried to copy the drivers from Merlin, but no luck.

If You could direct me to the SIS drivers, I would appreciate it much.

Martin Bantz


1. Intel Triton PIIX1 EIDE Busmaster Driver v2.05

I obtained v2.05 of intel's Triton PIIX1 EIDE Busmaster device driver
from ftp.leo.org and tested it with my Asus P/I-P55TP4N (82371FB chip)
motherboard, Pentium-133, 32MB FPRAM.

So far I have not experienced any problems. The device driver reports
the disk is operating in PIO mode 4/DMA mode 2 with SMS reads enabled.

I did a quick transfer rate/CPU overhead test before and after installing
the drivers, using infoPM's diskbench Disk I/O to measure transfer rate
and MEMSize to measure peak CPU overhead:

Partition F: is on a Quantum FB1080A and is 267MB HPFS (at end of disk) OS/2
boot partition.
Partition H: is also on a Quantum FB1080A and is 1000MB HPFS (there is a
39MB HPFS `service' boot partition at the start of this disk).

with IBM1S506.ADD from xr_w017 (SMS enabled):

         infoPM    MEMSize  
Drive F: 4423kB/s  74% CPU
Drive H: 5893kB/s  95% CPU

with piixide.add v2.05 from intel:

         infoPM    MEMSize
Drive F: 4426kB/s  24% CPU
Drive H: 6309kB/s  38% CPU

A pretty impressive reduction in CPU overhead, with a reasonable transfer
rate improvement. Disk access times were not affected.

Although the two Quantum disks I have are the same model, the second
drive (containing the H: partition) is a later version and the F:
partition is at the end of disk 1, perhaps explaining the difference in

// Ian D. Kent  [Team OS/2]                                            //


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