News Reader /2

News Reader /2

Post by ga.. » Wed, 21 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Anyone know if there is a way to send mail and post at the same time?  Every other
news rreader seems to have this function, but NR/2 seems to only do one or the other.



1. Explorer 1.03 News Manager vs. News Reader/2

The Socks Beta of NR/2 (usable with Warp Connect only at this moment, on
the IBM Updates gopher server) finally supports ISO-8859-1 as well, so it
looks much better now.

Try reading a newsgroup with 1000 postings a day with WE. Without the
search functions of NR/2.

We need graphical thread support in NR/2. That's it.


note: followup

Defuse Chirac.

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