Need help redirecting LPT1 to COM port

Need help redirecting LPT1 to COM port

Post by Richard Johns » Sun, 10 May 1992 06:17:08

I've got OS/2 up and running on the following:

        EPSON 386/20
        8 Mb Memory
        Paradise VGA
        90 Mb ESDI Drive
        2 serial ports

However, I can't print.  I looked through the on-line help and command
reference and verified that the following is in my CONFIG.SYS:


I have COM1 as a line to our campus mainframe, and I can connect just fine.

The help for the Printer Driver mentions that if I select a port under
output I should be able to pop up a "Redirect" menu.  I only get settings.

I then tried to set the spool from the OS/2 command prompt:

Quote:>MODE COM2:96,N,8,1

SYS1434:The system cannot find the output device specified.

In the DOS box, the mode commands returns some message not found error.

Now, using a VMDISK, I *can* print to COM2 using the MS-DOS v5 mode

I'd appreciate any suggestions/help.  Thanks.

Richard Johnson          (818) 985-BEAR          NBCS:  B3/4 f+ g++ c+ w e


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