Info-ZIP: zip and swapper.dat file

Info-ZIP: zip and swapper.dat file

Post by JOACHIM KOEN » Tue, 09 Nov 1993 18:17:13

Quote:>I do not know if this is a bug within OS/2 2.1(with 21WPSF.ZIP) or if
>this is a bug in Info-Zip's zip program, but this is what I was doing
>and what happened:
>I needed to zip a directory and all of its sub-directories with the highest
>compress possible. I did the following at an OS/2 command line prompt:
>>zip -r -9 zipfile directory
>Aproximately 3 hours later OS/2 warned me that i was out of disk space
>for the swapper.dat file so I terminated the zip command. I then looked
>to see what the size of the swapper.dat file was, 210Meg. The files that
>were in the directories when uncompressed were only 5Meg.
>Does anyone have any ideas what went wrong?

It's well known, that zip19x32 uses lot of memory and therefore swapspace.
Switch to (2=32 bit) which solves this problem.

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No, the wildcard-handling feature will be in 5.1.  We actually have
two unofficial (and non-portable) patches which add wildcards to
unzip (one for MS-DOS/Borland C and one for OS/2, the executables of
which were uploaded to ftp-os2 last week; I don't know if it's still
there or not, but it wasn't any sort of official release).  But the
portable way to do this is with readdir-type routines, and I'm still
working on that.  There are a number of other important and *big*
modifications going on right now, so it will be a while before this
even shows up for beta testing.

Follow-ups (if any) to c.o.os2.apps, or you will die a horrible death...

Greg Roelofs

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