ProNews Problem...?

ProNews Problem...?

Post by Britt Turnbu » Fri, 08 Feb 2002 03:58:19


yesterday I installed the 4.3 refresh, and baring overcoming the IBM installer
Kludges, everything went fine, and now seems to be working very well....

I subscribe to my ISP's news server, and since yesterday
I can read posts, but am unable to post... I get an 'illegal

eCs + SMP OS/2 v4.51
check it out:


1. ProNews problem or server problem?

My usually reliable pronews/2 and ISp combination for newsgroup
reading etc has all of sudden played up.
My helpful ISP (we only give tech support for Windows) admits having
'bandwidth' problems at the moment but my emailler and netscrape work
(albeit the later even slower than normal).
Can someone please advise is the a likely connection between an ISP's
problem as described and getting the 'Socket error. Connection reset
by peer' error message when attempting to go on line in pronews/2? And
if not which files in pronews (or elsewhere) do I look at to try and
'fix' this. For the obvious reason please email responses to me also
as well as posting them.
Richard A Crane ph 08 8945 3252 fx 08 8945 5952
Check Copyright of this with the author or you may suffer litigation
or embarrassment.

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