emx/gcc question and te/2 question

emx/gcc question and te/2 question

Post by Bret Marzo » Mon, 06 Dec 1993 06:47:22

Hello all-
        I've been having a problem with the emx/gcc compiler since I
reinstalled it on my system. Whenever I try to compile something, I get
a SYS2070 error message that says "The system could not demand load the
application's segment. EMX->EMX is in error".....can anyone tell me
what this means or why I am getting such an error??
        On an unrelated note....I was just curious....is it possible...
to download to a directory other than the default directory instead of
having to change the default directory in TE/2 ???
        Thanks for your help.

           Bret Marzolf


1. Triple question: less, gcc, emx


When I call less (less177 from hobbes) I get a sys 1808: exception 0005
report. Does anybody know what is wrong? When I try to call the same
less from the dos prompt I get DPMI not supported, both with DPMI
enabled and auto.


With gcc 2.2.2 I get an exception 0006 repport. Again, what could
be wrong here?


I have seen EMX popup several times now, especially when installing
less, and would like to know exactly what it is and why less fi needs

Thanks to anyone who respones.

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