Mitsumi Drivers OS 2.1

Mitsumi Drivers OS 2.1

Post by olso.. » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 18:01:16

I apologize if this is a FAQ, but I have the 2.1 BETA on CD-ROM and when I installed it I had to copy the disk images from the cd-rom to disks and instal it..
I now have two questions.
1) Is there a driver for the proprietary Mitsulmi (LUM005??) that will allow OS2 2.1 to acess CD-ROM??

2)If so, is there a  way to install OS2(.1) using this driver instaed of the annoying boot/load disk setup???
Email would be great if anyone can help

<--- I haven't purchased an OS 2(.1) package, I only have the BETA... Could my problem be solved by buying the release version?

Thanks in advance