What is a .DSK file?

What is a .DSK file?

Post by Michael Sza » Mon, 06 Jun 1994 01:18:32

I was just wandering through the piles of stuff on software.watson.ibm.com
and I found a few things which may be of use to me.  However, these files are
in a DSK format and I don't have the program to convert those back into a
diskette.  The .package file said the location is in the "tools" something-or-
other, but where is THAT?

Thanks for the help.
Mike S.


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        Hello. I am just wondering if anyone would so kind that put two files
from the OS/2 2.1 beta cd-rom on FTP sites or UUENCODE and mail to me. I need
these 2 files: PSD10.DSK (OS/2 2.1 Beta Disk #10) and PSDD4.DSK (OS/2 2.1 BETA
DEVICE DRIVER DISK 4), the ones I got were corrupted. I need 3.5" images. Any help would be appreciated!

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