WANTED: graphics program for specific need

WANTED: graphics program for specific need

Post by Paul Lev » Fri, 04 Dec 1992 23:11:39

Can someone recommend a shareware graphics program that will enable
me to solve the following problem.  There are so many graphics programs
for DOS and/or OS/2 on SIMTEL and HOBBES and GARBO ... which one will
do the job ??

I will scan in a section of graphics, about 2 inchs by 1 inch, into a
TIFF or PCX format.  I then need to repeatedly bring that into the
graphics program, aligning each copy of it along side and below previous
copies.  The result needs to print to an HP LaserJet II (clone) printer
on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  Thus the graphics program needs to be able
to read TIFF or PCX; have grid and/or location indicators for alignment;
and output to the laserjet.

Can someone tell me which program(s) will do this ?



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1. Wanted: Comm/Telnet program with TEK4010 graphics mode

        I'm looking for a simple comm/telnet program that can work under
Sun's PCNFS to provide standard VT100 terminal emulation over TCP/IP *and*
do Tektronix 4010/4014 graphics. I don't care about all the other fancy stuff,
likes scripts, file transfer, etc, etc.
        I know about Smarterm by Persoft, but they want $250+ for it, and it
has a lot of stuff we don't need. I know about Dynacomm, but that is also $200+
and only does REGIS, not Tek4010.
        Any ideas ? Any shareware programs that might meet this need ? OS/2
solutions welcome too. Thanks.
(I suppose I could run XTERM but that really seems like a lot of excess
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