Copying from pmqvt? How to do it?

Copying from pmqvt? How to do it?

Post by Todd Henders » Thu, 15 Oct 1992 03:56:24

I'm in the process of trying out PM_QVT from the net.  I would like to
be able to copy from the session.  I noticed the Edit/Copy option, but
can't seem to highlight any text to copy.  How do you highlight text
to copy?




1. It`s Amazing What a N

sip1>already running 2.1, but if >someone wanted to run OS/2 and had no need
sip1>for Windows compatibility will >OS/2 for windows fit the bill.

sip1>Sure will!

One reading the package would not draw that conclusion. The box clearly states
that a Windows 3.1 system is a prerequisite. Interestingly that label was
pasted over some previously preprinted text that stated the requisite
environment was DOS ?.x or greater and Windows 3.1. The pasted on label dropped
the reference to DOS.


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