WARP 3 DHCP Capable

WARP 3 DHCP Capable

Post by Ted Gil » Sat, 17 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me if warp 3 is capable of doing dhcp? If so how do you make
it happen.
    I have looked and only found references to warp 4.
     Ted Gill

WARP 3 DHCP Capable

Post by James Kno » Sun, 18 Oct 1998 04:00:00

>Can anyone tell me if warp 3 is capable of doing dhcp? If so how do you make
>it happen.

It is, but requires one of the later fixpaks.


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1. Warp DHCP client -> Warp DHCP Server

  I just installed OS/2 Warp Server here, and am trying to get my OS/2 Warp
client an IP address via DHCP.  I have been using BOOTP successfully for
quite a while now, with a Novell server running BOOTP.  

  For some reason, the Warp Server will not respond to my DHCP requests.
I can see DISCOVERY requests from my machine showing up, and if I use BOOTP,
it sees that request (although I end up getting my IP from Novell).  No
DHCP requests show up on the screen at all.

  I used a very simple CFG file for the DHCP server, it consists of the

Network {range -}

  Is there anything I should be looking for here?  I know the machine has
a valid network connection, because it is seeing BOOTP traffic, and I can
ping and telnet to it (when I get my address with BOOTP anyway).

  I suspect I've left something critical out of the CFG file.

  Please email responses.

  Thanks in advance.


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