Lan Server 3.0 unstable - HELP PLEASE!

Lan Server 3.0 unstable - HELP PLEASE!

Post by Jan Walt » Thu, 30 Jun 1994 02:19:47

> Posted: 27 Jun 1994 21:44:28 GMT

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> Jarman) writes:

> >2 years ago our company installed LS 2.0 with OS/2 2.0 GA when all of
> >these products were brand new.  We lived through base system instability
> >and incompatible drivers, etc. that were expected with such a new
> system.
> >However, we have grown from 5 to 20 machines, and the instability of the
> >network is no longer being tolerated!  Currently, our server goes down
> >every 1 to 2 weeks, pretty much randomly.  Usually, this happens during
> >the middle of the work day, resulting in many MANY phone calls as people
> >discover they are stuck.

> >Last Christmas we purchased a new server (a AST Premia) with the
> following
> >specs:
> >       12 MB RAM

> As other respondents have commented, this is way too little RAM. Try
> 32 meg if you want a smoothly running system. I have an EISA-based
> server with 32 meg, LS 3.0, LS for Macintosh, and TCP/IP for OS/2 2.0.
> It's very stable and is ioften up for months at a time, so it is possible
> :-).

Hmmm - just noticed - AST Premia. I remember having a couple interesting
problems with a few AST's and OS/2. Some idiot at their tech support told
me not to run their machines on os/2...

I try to avoid running servers on anything even slightly like a clone, to
avoid problems. You really can't beat a unit designed to be a server. Oddly
enough I have found Digital Servers and PCs the most receptive to running
OS/2, with Compaq close behind. IBM rated somewhere above clones in that
area. hm.

Jan Walter
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I have heard that the Etherlink III cards do not run in promiscuous mode.
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