How to set cursor position in MLE/edit control?

How to set cursor position in MLE/edit control?

Post by Jeff Garz » Sat, 22 May 1993 06:52:05

Does anyone know how to find and set the current cursor position in an
edit control (MLE)?

I have to find out the current cursor position and then update it
after I insert some text (to a specific point in the inserted text).
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Came across this message in this thread while looking for something
competely different.

"VIM is a superb editor and I use it myself for command-line work.  But
it's no substitute for a GUI editor for the tasks that most often require
a GUI editor...

It also has a very steep learning curve and its 'modal' nature (which is,
frankly, an anachronism and not an asset) takes a lot of getting used to."

Alex Taylor

Learning an editor like VIM can be quite daunting, but once done, you
never go back.  The ability to work rapidly, accomplishing the same tasks
in a fraction as compared to that of a GUI makes the effort more than

When working on my Masters, I had the occasion to learn to use a similar
text editor.  For the first 30 minutes, I thought I would be crazy with
learning all the keystrokes, and, more than once, almost abandoned the
task.  However, once I got the knack, I was flyng though my thesis.

That memory is what prompts me to learn the keystrokes involved in using
any piece of software, so that I may ultimately work much faster.

David Smith
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