Install (re-install) question

Install (re-install) question

Post by Dennis Dur » Mon, 18 May 1992 18:32:20

I have been using OS/2 for the past six or so days, and really like it!  So
much so that I want to convert most of my first HD to HPFS, then load OS/2
into the HPFS section of the drive.  I have already formatted my second 120
meg IDE drive as HPFS.  My question is:  On the reinstall of OS/2, I'd like to
reformat my first HD (also 120 meg IDE), and keep about 25 megs or so for DOS
5.0, formatting the remainder as HPFS.  I want to keep the DOS partition for a time because I've had difficulty installing some DOS and Windows programs
(e.g., SPSS/PC+ wouldn't install into HPFS, nor with OS/2-DOS) and
files directly into HPFS, so have been installing them in DOS booted from a
floppy, then copying them with OS/2 onto the HPFS-formatted HD, then migrating
them into OS/2.

So, is it possible for me to set up a dual-boot system this way?  The Install-
ation guide _seems_ to say that I'd have to go with Boot Manager, but that
if you use B.M. ;-)  the DOS partition cannot be accessed by the OS/2
partition (even if the OS/2 partition is only a logical partition -- that is,
non-primary).  But I thought I remembered others doing something similar to
this.  Is there a way to set up a dual boot so that OS/2 can access the DOS
partition?  If so, can I still install OS/2 on the logical drive on the first
HD in a partition following the primary partition where DOS would reside, and
can it still read the DOS partition?

Sorry to go on rambling.  It's late, and I'm frustrated!  I'd appreciate
e-mail responses (asap!) because our wonderful News server seems to have
shut down for the weekend.  Latest posts we're showing here are from the
day before yesterday (Friday, 5/15).  Thanks for your help!!!

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1. FP1 wont install on a fresh Warp 4 install (re-install).


Recently re-installed Warp 4.  Had problems I thought were from having too many
improper shutdowns.

Did a LONG format of the HPFS partition, re-installed Warp 4, re-installed Matrox
drivers (2.040 i think), re-installed M$ Office, EccoPro (16 bit) and the most recently
released Netscape/2.

When I try to do use the web version of the fix...which I had done successfully once
before...I get a quick (under 10% installed) message saying the process is complete
and it is cleaning up.  I press "ok" and then a SYS3170 (not 3175) error message
pops; it's the DOSCALL1.DLL problem.  

I purposely did NOT log on to Netware before begining the FP install process.  I got the
error,  thinking it was related to Netware (??) and then logged on to NW and made
an explicit logoff.

Re-tried, same error.

The error happens when working from the SOFTWARE UPDATES (WEBEX) and when
I use NS/2 (after downloading the unzip.dll (\tcpipp\dll dir) and the rsuinst.exe
(\netscape dir) files.

'Been looking through Frank McKenny's "Applying Service to OS/2 Warp (nice doc!!),
but so far haven't seen what I'm doing wrong.

Obviously I'll be going over the doc again tonight, but if you have any clues...I'm



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