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TEAMOS2 UPDATE (2nd posting)
   TEAMOS2 needs you at the COMDEX/Canada Show in Toronto!

The show is at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Skydome.
   Wednesday July 13, 10am-5pm
   Thursday  July 14, 10am-5pm
   Friday    July 15, 10am-4pm
TEAMOS2 & IBM will have a booth at Second base in the DOME, right in
the middle of Windows World....Look out Mr Gates here we come!

What TEAMOS2 will be doing:
  IBM has given us a portion of the OS2 TESTDRIVE CENTER to setup as
the TEAMOS2 TechTalk Booth.  We'll have banners, posters, flyers and as
much OS/2 documentation as we can carry to help answer questions about
OS/2.  IBM will be supplying us with Thinkpads and modems and a phone
line so that we can call out to BBSs to get the latest and greatest drivers.
We'll give demos of some of the Software out there for OS/2 and try to
show exactly how exciting OS/2 really is! (we are trying to get copies of
OS/2 Software if anyone wants FREE Advertising <hint>.  We'll trade poster
space & words for Anything useful <bigger hint>)

  We are also organizing the TEAMOS2 SWAT TEAM to swarm the show and
install OS/2 on vendors hardware and do demos of OS/2 using their Hardware
and their Applications.  We need lots of people for this one since we want
to be as visible as possible.  We'll be installing using Laptops as servers
as well as from CD ROMS.  Don't worry about your expertise level since we
hope to have every Team of TEAMERS carrying Walkie/talkies so that we can
pool our knowledge.  The SWAT TEAM will probably start sometime Tuesday
as the other exhibitors arrive and (I) won't sleep 'til Friday night after
the TEAMOS2 gathering at Don Cherry's with JANET GOBEILLE.


We need you to commit for at least 4.5 hours.
9:30 - 2:00   and/or   1:30 - 6:00 on any/all of the days of the show.
Tuesday night will also need a group of diehard TEAMERS to be the first
into the battle.

We will most likely be gathering TEAMOS2 about a week before the show
somewhere for a quick pre-COMDEX meeting.  We'll set a time/place as
COMDEX gets closer.

Terry Hamilton, TEAMOS2      ((I'm the only guy still NOT on vacation!))


Robert Hudaj, IBM Canada TEAMOS2 Guy   (vacation June 1-20th > lucky dog)

         VNET:  CANVM2(RHUDAJ)

Peter Kraiker, Sysop OneLessCar BBS (vacation June 12-28th - why not me!!)

         VNET:  CANVM2(PKRAIKER)    FIDONET: 1:250/238

Your best hope of getting a quick response is me, Terry Hamilton.

 Terry Hamilton                                                  TEAMOS2

    My views in no way represent those of my clients or employeers.
     If you ignore my opinions then surely you are a wise person.

 * RM 1.3 01337 * "640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates


1. TEAMOS2 - COMDEX/Chicago

TEAMOS/2 will be at COMDEX/Spring in Chicago, June 3-5.

Room E254 at McCormick Plaza Expo Hall (the COMDEX site)
will be TeamOS/2 HQ.

On top of the usual "showing the pink" and roaming the show floor
the IBM TEAMOS/2 Relations group will also be providing EDUCATION
Sessions for Teamers.  This is a fantastic chance for Teamers to
get together and meet!

Sessions will include:
 Demos and discussions with various OS/2 VENDORS
 TeamOS/2 Discussions about TeamOS/2 and IBM and OS/2 and .....
 Presentations from IBM (Merlin!) and LOTUS (WordPro for OS/2)

These sessions are FREE to all Teamers.  If you're in the area,
but can't make plans now, just drop in and say hi!

OS/2 Vendors presenting include:

All discussion about COMDEX is occuring in the COMDEX-L mailing list.
To subscribe to the mailing list and add your ideas ( even if you won't
be making it to the show) send a note to:

    subscribe comdex-l <myemail_id>

(or go to to subscribe thru the web.)

For full info see

These pages have all the information, the agenda of sessions,
and forms for Teamers attending and requesting free badges for the show.

See ya there!


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