NEC CD-ROM CDR84 lock-ups my PC!

NEC CD-ROM CDR84 lock-ups my PC!

Post by Hans K. Aspenbe » Sat, 20 Aug 1994 03:21:19


I've got an NEC CDR84 that makes my system lock up occationally.
The system is an "home brew" 486DX66 EISA with a Compaq QVision1024
video adapter and an BusLocic BT747S SCSI adapter. The SCSI bus hosts
two disks [MicroPolis 4110 SCSI-2, Seagate ST4702N], the CDR84 and
an Exabyte 2501 tape streamer. This system works 100%, 24hrs a day
for weeks, as a file server running the LAN Server 3.0 as long
as I run _without_ the CDROM. Well, the CDR84 can be _physically_
present on the SCSI-bus, as long as the following statements in
CONFIG.SYS are commented out:


File dates:

22.04.93  15.41      10842           0  OS2SCSI.DMD
22.04.93  17.27       8168           0  NECCDS1.FLT
22.04.93  17.23      22852           0  OS2CDROM.DMD
 8.05.93   9.23      40292           0  CDFS.IFS
22.04.93  12.13       5712          49  VCDROM.SYS

The symptom is as follows: When I have not been using the PC for an
period long enough for the screen "lockup" to activate, the normal
"padlock" icon is not displayed. An "arrow" cursor moves around
in its place. Ctrl+ESC or CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing, and a hard reset
must be performed to rewoke the PC. It can happen once a day or once
an hour.

I have not been able to find any other cause to the lock-ups than the
CDROM, since the same suite of programs are executed dependless of
the CDROM is available or not. The CDROM is mainly needed by other
users on the LAN..

The OS is OS/2 2.10 Norwegian. No CSD's are applied either
to the OS or to to LAN Server software.

With the hope that someone have some ideas,
Best regards,

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