help needed to reconfigure EEPROM settings.

help needed to reconfigure EEPROM settings.

Post by Raghib Muhamm » Wed, 11 May 1994 09:42:14

I have a Sun4(SLC) IPC, I changed it's input and output devices to ttya using
following commands in EEPROM mode.

So when I boot it now from eeprom mode or turning power off and on it says
using ttya as input and output device. Since keyboard and monitor are no longer
alive I could not change input and output devices to defaults.

If anyone could help me, I will greatly appreciate it.

Raghib Muhammad


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I have been fortunate enough to inherit a Sun 386i, which I intend to
use as a standalone. It is currently configured as a standalone, and is
well-documented except for one nagging question: How do I change the
system's name?

I can change the domain, time, and (I think) my driver's license number
from the SNAP program. I can find no reference to system name, except
on the initial system startup whan the system is newly-mounted, which
it was about half-past 1988.

Any guidance would be appreciated. This is going to be the heart of my
home-office system.

Please respond by email.

Thanks ...


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