wanted: info on switch settings for NEC D2363 SMD disk

wanted: info on switch settings for NEC D2363 SMD disk

Post by Wilko Bul » Sun, 14 Aug 1994 17:35:51

I am looking for info on the dipswitch settings for the NEC D2363 disk.
Especially the sector switches. I do have the settings for Sun
controllers, but like to connect it to a different one in a uVAX.

Who has the tech docs of this drive and can send me this info?
Preferably by email.


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1. error codes for NEC D2363 disk drive

I need assistance (copy of the manual page ?) with a NEC D2363.

I have a 7053 controller with a NEC D2363 disk drive scavenged
from a Sun 3/160, added to a Sun 4/390.  The controller seems
to be OK (I rebuilt the kernel, and it finds the controller on
power-up).  The drive "seemed" to be OK (initially it found it
on power-up).  but just 10 minutes down the track "format" hangs
when used on the disk (in fact, SCSI disk access and possibly
IPI disk access hangs as well).  Now it appears that I can't
even find the disk on power-up (although I still find the

On the front of the disk drive it has a little display panel (labelled
SD231 status display).  The left digit is marked "state", the right
digit is marked "error".  The displayed values (at present) are:


What does this mean?
What should it be?
Is there any hope?

(I would like to salvage the disk if possible, disk space is always

PS: there are two switches on the display panel.  The first is labelled
"diagnostic enable/status only" and is set to "status only".  The
second is labelled "extended mode/normal mode" and is set to "normal

PPS: in case it worries anybody - I have removed the two jumpers from the
backplane for slot 10 (where the 7053 crad is), and the only cards in the
machine are the CPU, 32 Mbyte extra memory, CM-2 interface, IPI controller,
and colour Sun console interface.

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