Looking for STANDARD SCSI controller(s) mini-din50

Looking for STANDARD SCSI controller(s) mini-din50

Post by Andrew Douglas Inma » Tue, 13 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a vendor that sells Sun SCSI controllers.  I'm looking
for standard SCSI controllers NOT fast, wide OR differential.  Just the
standard controllers with mini-Din50 connectors like we see on the back of
the Sparc 10's and 20's?  

I would be looking for these to put into a Sparc 20.  

Please let me know with any info.  Thanks.



1. ultra wide scsi on standard (50 pin) controller?

Hi all,
Can I adapt a scsi cable to connect an ultra wide scsi disk to a
standard (50 pin) scsi controller (eg in an IPX or an external disk box
with 50 pin connectors)

Many thanks in advance.
Peter Arnold

| Brisbane, Qld, Australia  | To moo bovine.  |

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