SPARCprinter says "Error J5", any ideas?

SPARCprinter says "Error J5", any ideas?

Post by Dave Fish » Thu, 29 Oct 1992 07:08:44

We have a SPARCprinter which refuses to print, and says the problem
is "Error J5".  Does anyone have any idea what this means?

Please respond by email, I'll summarize to the net.


SPARCprinter says "Error J5", any ideas?

Post by Dave Fish » Sun, 01 Nov 1992 10:03:32

[note: This is an update to my earlier summary, which tells exactly how
 to diagnose the "reset bug". -dcf ]

Thanks to everyone who responded: Thomas, Rob, Jay, Terry, Ike, and beemer
(aka twn), and one who shall remain nameless.

Here's a summary of the responses I received:

The J5 error means one of four things:
      1.  You are within 100 sheets of being out of toner.  The J5 will
          be flashing in this case.  Replace your toner cartridge soon.
      2.  You are out of toner.  The J5 will be on, but not flashing in this
          case.  Replace your toner cartridge immediately.
      3.  You have a toner sensor reset error.
      4.  You need a drum assembly replacement, because your drum is worn out.

Here's the procedure for curing the problem:

The first step is try replacing the toner cartridge:
      1. Replace the cartridge.
      2. Press the reset button near the power cable socket.
         This resets the toner sensor.

If the error doesn't go away, try the following:
      1. clean the spring fingers that make contact with the rear of the
         toner cartridge.
      2. Clean the sensor pads on the back of the toner cartridge.
      3. Press the reset button again.

If the error STILL doesn't go away, you may have a reset error or a worn
   out drum assembly.

If you have an older printer (part # 365-1089-01) and in particular, your
serial number is less than
and you have just replaced
the [toner cartridge] you should call Sun [as] you may be eligible for a
free replacement."

According to a knowledgable source, this error is caused by the lead of
a resistor on the low voltage power supply which contacts chassis ground
and disables the reset switch.

You can tell if you have the reset button bug with the following procedure:

The part number of your printer is a clue to the problem.  There is a
barcode label somewhere inside the printer.  The unit id / serial
number is on the top part and the part number and revision is on the

All Part numbers 365-1089-02 either have been reworked or have not been
affected.  Part Numbers 365-1089-01, Serial Numbers 9124806901 through
9124808280 have been reworked by Fuji-Xerox.  Serial numbers below this
have not been reworked.

There is a sensor diagnostic to test the reset switch to see if the
problem is with the short.  This is difficult to explain without a
picture, but there is a self-test panel on the printer.  It has 3
unlabeled, invisible switches.  The ENTER switch is just below the
digital display on the front.  The TEST switch is the to left, and
there seems to be another to the right.  

1.  Switch the printer off
2.  Press and hold ENTER
3.  Switch the printer on again
4.  Release ENTER when you get a flashing message in the display, 2 or 3
    seconds after power on.  The operator panel displays 02
5.  Press ENTER one more time to select the Sensor Check
    Diagnostic.  The Operator panel now displays 00.
6.  Press the Reset Switch on the side of the printer near the power cord
    entrance.  The switch is functional (no problem with a short) if the
    value displayed in the Operator Panel increases when the switch is
    pressed.  Each time you press the reset switch, it will increment.
7.  Turn the printer off to exit the diagnostics.

If you do have the reset bug, then I'd try to convince Sun to repair or
replace your printer.  A printer which can never have a new toner
cartridge put in is essentially a disposable printer, and I'm sure they
didn't mean to sell these printers as disposables.

If you don't have the reset bug, then try buying and installing a replacement
drum assembly.

It turns out that our printer does have the reset bug, so we're trying to
convince Sun to fix it or replace it.  Thanks again to everyone who responded.
BTW, your those curious about what happened to our manual, we never got one.


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