SparcClassic Upgrade

SparcClassic Upgrade

Post by Thomas Mülle » Sun, 22 Aug 1999 04:00:00

i try to install more memory into my sparcclassic.
After Power on, on the screen i see the correct byte count of my installed
memory, but the system is not comming up, after the memory initialization
the machine is hangig, i received no error messages.
What kind of memory could i use for an upgrade?

Is it possible to use a standard scsi hard disk instead of the inbuilt disk?

Thanks a lot for your help.



1. SPARCclassic upgrade?

I have NO clue about hardware so please excuse the wanton

        I run a SPARCclassic (50MHz) and so it's about as slow
        as a snail. However, the disk, memory &c. is all pretty
        snazzy stuff.

        Can I possibly upgrade the motherboard to a faster
        processor as per PCs, or is that a ridiculous question?

Thanks, Thomas.

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