Can Sun and Mac share a CD-ROM drive?

Can Sun and Mac share a CD-ROM drive?

Post by Lynn Robins » Wed, 21 Apr 1993 04:13:29

  I'm in the process of ordering a Sun Sparcstation IPX and I need to
buy a Sun compatible CD-ROM drive with it for operating system installation
and upgrade.   I already have a Mac IIcx and would like to be able to use the
CD-ROM player occasionally with this Mac to be able to use Mac CD-ROM games,
reference CDs, etc,..
  Does anyone know if there is a CD-ROM drive available that makes it
possible to use it with both a Mac and Sun (not networked or at the same

Lynn Robinson


1. Use Sun Sparc CD-ROM drive on a Mac?

I have a Sparc CD-ROM drive, which was a free gift when I bought the
Sparc.  I have used it only a couple times for playing music since I
got it last year.   It is useless.

But I do need a CD-ROM drive for a Mac.  Is it possible to use the
sparc cd-rom drive on a Mac?  If yes, how?  Your help will be

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