backup for Ultra 10?

backup for Ultra 10?

Post by Dolommit » Thu, 28 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Anyone know of a good IDE tape drive for the U10?  Or any other method
to back this thing up?  I prefer to go after slice 7, which in my case
is all sectors (0-xxxx) and it grabs the entire drive... This may be
difficult via NFS or even Samba.



1. Need recommendations for backup solutions - Ultra 10 server

I'll preface by saying I'm a real newbie when it comes to Sun and
Solaris, having worked primarily with DEC, er, Digital, er, Compaq for
about 10 years.

I'm working with a small startup company that is developing
applications on an Ultra 10 system running Solaris 7. Currently, the
Sun has 2 9GB IDE hard drives, with current usage around 4-5 GB. The
company projects that there will be about a dozen developers within a

I've been asked to check into backup solutions for this server, and I
need to find out what my options are. I've been to Sun's site, and it
looks like a DDS-3 4mm drive would fit the bill. However, from what I
can discern, I would need to install a SCSI adapter for any of Sun's
drives. Does anyone know if I can just slap in an Adaptec, and use a
third-party DAT drive?

I am completely open to other suggestions for backup, however,
including other media formats. My experience with DEC was that if the
hardware wasn't DEC, you roll the dice and hope for the best.

As far as software goes, I'm assuming I could use the native dump and
restore. If anyone has any suggestions for other solutions
(Solstice??), I would really appreciate it if you would share them.
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