FA: Sun Ultra Enterprise 450 Server 4x400Mhz 2GB RAM

1. $6K Ultra Enterprise 450 4x400MHz 4GB RAM

Ultra Enterprise 450 $6,000.00 US $9,600.00 CDN
P/N 600-6508-01
Four 400 MHz UltraSPARC II processors 501-5446
4 GB RAM, sixteen 256 MB modules (DATARAM 6205, Samsung 501-4743)
3 Power Supplies

Ultra wide SCSI and Ethernet Combo PCI card 501-2741
FDDI Sun ATM-155/MFiber 4.0 PCI card 501-3028
Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI PCI card 375-0006

12 Hard drive capacity, BUT no hard drives.
Toshiba XM6201 32xCD-ROM

Previously used as a server at a major US auto company.

90 Day Warranty
MasterCard or VISA accepted.

The price includes delivery if you are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and
surrounding municipalities.

I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (northern part of Etobicoke).

If you wish more information, you will get a faster response if you
email me at:

or give me a phone call at 416-744-6323 and leave a message (takes 7 to
8 rings).

Alex Rishea
Andromeda Computer Systems
Voice (416) 744-6323
FAX (416) 744-3343

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