Help adding memory to a 3/60

Help adding memory to a 3/60

Post by Gavin Buffingt » Wed, 08 Dec 1993 23:24:35

Can anyone help me with adding memory to a SUN 3/60.  I currently have 8MB and am trying to
increase this to 12MB.  I have installed 4 1MB 1x9(70ns) simm's in the slots following the
first 8MB.  I have moved a jumper on the board to 12MB.  When I turn on the machine, I get
nothing.  I do not have any extras on this machine such as a CG4 or CG8.  Thanks in advance
for any help with this problem.  Please e-mail me at

Gavin D. Buffington  N0ECQ
Department of Physics   University of Missouri-Rolla

RF:  1284.6- MHz  443.825+ MHz  145.45- MHz


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I just bought 16MB of non-sun memory to upgrade a Sparc 20/60.  The
memory came with no installation instructions so I installed it in the
next available slot. I figured I would not have to set jumpers or
anything like that. The system refused to come up - the monitor stays
dark so I cannot read any potential error messages. After removing the
meory the system came up as usual. I tried another slot and the same
thing happened.

Question: Do I have to put the 16MB module is a specific location...
(there are two banks of 4 slots) Do I need to do anything else to get
the Sparc 20 to recognize the memory?

Thanks for any info.

   - henrik
Henrik Schmiediche, Dept. of Statistics, Texas A&M, College Station, TX 77843

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