WTB: Sparc-2 or possibly IPX motherboard

WTB: Sparc-2 or possibly IPX motherboard

Post by Osku Sneits BO » Sun, 19 Mar 1995 20:10:05

I'm looking to buy a SS2 or IPX Motherboard.
If you've upgraded yours and want to get rid  of such motherboard, please
make me an offer!

It's backup day: export TAPE=/dev/null;tar cv /
Osku Sneits, BOFH, sys/netadmin of hit.fi data communication department.


1. WTB: SS LX or SS4/5 possibly SS 10

        Hello! I am looking for a well equiped Sparc LX or Sparc 4/5, or
compatible.  These are the specs I am interested in:

Chassis with Power supply, CPU, ethernet, Fast-SCSI-2, etc.
32 or more MB RAM
GX or better graphics
Type-5 keyboard and mouse

would like a floppy, but not necessary
hard disk optional (prefer 1.0 GB or larger, if you're looking to sell)

operation system is not necessary

I'd also be interested in low end sparc 10's

Thanks for you time.

Morgan Henning

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