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Secrets Revealed! How to have YOUR OWN ISP Business in less than 10
days for less than $1000.



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In order to cut down on the many internet spammers I have been posting the
following information from the Better Business Bureau. I was pleased to
get this reponse from one internet provider:


Mr. James is no longer an user here as a result of his postings
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From The Phoenix, Arizona Better Business Bureau:

Work-at-home schemes often do more harm than good

For many, especially those who need a part-time job or have
to stay at home for health reasons, the "earn money at home"
ads sound like a good idea to bring in additional income.

But, without exception, the Better Business Bureau has found
they all have one thing in common: you must buy something
before you can begin work.

What's more, a nationwide investigation into work-at-home
business promotions revealed that those lured by such
schemes were losing money to unscrupulous promoters.

Ads promising hundreds of dollars for a few hours of work
(such as addressing and stuffing envelopes) are simply a
means of selling information on how to set up your own
business or conduct the same scheme as the advertiser's. No
actual employment exists.

In most similar promotions, the would-be home-worker is
required to spend several hundred dollars for advertising,
postage, envelopes and printing to get set up in this kind
of "business."

According to the U.S. Postal Service Investigation Service,
"In practically all businesses, envelope stuffing has become
a highly mechanized operation using sophisticated
mass-mailing techniques and equipment which eliminate any
profit potential for an individual doing this type of work
at home."

The Inspection Service concluded that no work-at-home
promotion ever produced income as claimed by the

Besides envelope stuffing, other popular examples include
sewing and greeting cards. In the sewing scheme, you are
required to buy the instructions and materials for making
various items such as baby booties. The hook is that you
must sell the items yourself.

The greeting card ads indicate that the company will buy the
finished product IF your work is acceptable or "up to our
standards." Everything you send is rejected and you're stuck
with selling those cards you bought through the

The key to the more than half-billion-dollar annual homework
scheme market is simple: unscrupulous people take advantage
of the consumer who doesn't take the time or have the
resources to do adequate market research.

A work-at-home scheme promoter will:

   * Never offer you regular salaried employment.

   * Promise you huge profits and big part-time earnings.

   * Use personal testimonials but never identify the person
     so that you can make a personal check.

   * Require money for instructions or merchandise before
     telling you how the plan operates.

   * Assure you of guaranteed markets and a huge demand for
     your handiwork.

   * Tell you that no experience is necessary.

   * Take your money and give you little or nothing in return.


If you have to purchase anything to get work to be done at
home, be on your guard. If you are interested in home
business, you should contact the Small Business
Administration or the Arizona Business Connection (Arizona
Department of Commerce) for information which can be useful
in your decision.

Whatever the business endeavor, it is always wise to
investigate before you invest. For a reliability report on
any specific work-at-home company in which you are
interested, a good first step is to call the Better Business
Bureau at 264-1721.


The Better Business Bureau, Inc. does not endorse or
recommend any company, product or service

Advertising Supplement - Copyright Phoenix Newspapers Inc.

Repost as necessary.  Perhaps the scam artists will get the message if
their supply of new victims dries up.


> Secrets Revealed! How to have YOUR OWN ISP Business in less than 10
> days for less than $1000.



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>Secrets Revealed! How to have YOUR OWN ISP Business in less than 10
>days for less than $1000.

You cant buy the computer equipment for less than a $1000 dollars! no less
$10000 dollars.. lemme breakdown my machine setup for you

Main server (www, telnet, dns, compiling, web development)
  P120 CPU
  32MEg EDO Ram
  1 Maxtor 1.2 gig Mode 3 drive
  1 WDC 1.1 gig
  1 Fujitsu 2.5 GIg SCSI-II Fast
  Cisco 1104 Router CSU/DSU
  USR Courier Dual Standard 33.6 V.Everything
  15" Monitor
  Dual APC 1200 Back-UPS Pros
  Linux 3.0.0 k1.3.84
  Intel EtherExpress 16
  Fractional T1 dedicated connection to the backbone

Estimated Value (with 1 year line connection) - $15000

Sun 3/50
  300Meg Boot Hill SCSI
  68020 Motorola Processor
  Ethernet card
estimated value - $400

Good Luck...  You cant even get the line nor modems for that low of a
price.  A router (needed for internetworking) is $2000 for the cheapest