Used Sun Dealers in the Bay Area

Used Sun Dealers in the Bay Area

Post by Todd Kemmerli » Mon, 25 Jan 1993 04:31:01

I am looking for a dealer or dealer's of used sun computers. My company would perfer them to be in the bay area.

We are looking for used Sparc-II's and others stuff.

If you know of any or are a dealer of this type of equipment drop me a line.

Thanks ,

Todd Kemmerling


1. RFQ: Sun dealer in PHL area with used SS20

Looking for a used SS20 from a dealer in the Philadelphia area.
Waranty of some sort a must.

75mhz Sun CPU
64 meg RAM
4 gig HD - must be new
3 token ring adaptors
16" monitor
low to mid range frame buffer
4mm DAT
Solaris 2.5.1


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