Sun Sparc 20 with 2.1GB external HD problem

Sun Sparc 20 with 2.1GB external HD problem

Post by Andreas Almro » Wed, 13 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi netfolks,

I've got a small problem with my Sparc 20 from early 1995 (with Solaris 2.4).
The problem is with my newly bought 2.1GB hard drive which is in an external
box (the new designed one). Every time I reboot the server, it can't find the
drive proberly. When I run probe-scsi-all it finds it, but not when I'm booting
the kernel. This is of course very annoying, because my Sybase SQL Server
database partition is affected every time. I have to re-install all SQL stuff
every time. Well, after some trying, it finds it, and I can continue with my
work. This is not a production system, just a test system, but it is still
annoying, you know...

Well, any ideas, should I try to install Solaris 2.4 HW Apr 95 instead of my old
HW Nov 94? Will that help? Is there something wrong with my hardware?
I have checked the SCSI termination, both LEDs are lit on the external drive,
so is shouldn't be the termination stuff at least...

Any ideas are appriciated,
                                     Andreas Almroth