Need help with 3/60 ID PROM

Need help with 3/60 ID PROM

Post by Donnie Barn » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Alright guys...bear with me as I'm new to Sun hardware.

I have a 3/60 I just picked up...I'd like to install NetBSD on it.
When I power it up, I get "ID PROM INVALID".  Of course, when it tries
to net boot it thinks it's hardware address is 0:0:0:0:0:0.  So,
what's wrong here?  It has the IDPROM in it (location U224).  It is, however,
missing a chip at location U314, which is directly connected to what
looks like an EEPROM (near the lithium battery in the back corner).

Now, I have looked through the Sun hardware FAQ and the eeprom-nvram
FAQ.  The hardware faq doesn't say much about this, but points to the
other faq.  Unfortunately, it only deals with the 3/80 and sparcs.

Anyone know what the missing chip is?  Is it necessary (I assume so, but...)?

Any help you could give would be great...via email or this newsgroup.

--Donnie Barnes

PS:  If I can get this thing going I'm gonna start working on porting
Linux to it...


1. 3/60 ID PROM?

        A friend in another state has a 3/60 that complains about
a bad or missing ID PROM when it attempts (with no success) to boot.
A bit of rooting around on 3/60 motherboards found locally suggests
that the ID prom is a real PROM, a 32x8 PROM from AMD, so the usual
thing about how the battery has died seems not to be the case with

        I've suggested simply reseating the PROM. Is this likely to
solve it? PROMS, as far as I know, do not spontaneously forget their
contents. Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.


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