need help on interaction between xmodmap and different Type 4 kbds

need help on interaction between xmodmap and different Type 4 kbds

Post by Fred Lak » Fri, 06 Nov 1992 14:45:53

Below find an .xmodmaprc file that I have used for 2 1/2 yrs to switch
Caps_Lock with Meta and Alt_L with Control. That kbd recently bit the
dust and with the one I am borrowing, also a type 4, xmodmap now gives
me this error:

   bad keysym target keysym 'Alt_L', out of range

What's going on?

Is there a way to fix my re-maping code so it will work again?

Thanks very much for any help,


0. Sparc1+ running 4.1 and openwin 2.0

1. File below works with previous kbd:
   Type 4, FT201, part no 320-1005-02 Rev A
        M/N E03470014, M/O 056156-05

2. File below does *not* work with borrowed kbd:
   Type 4, FT101, part no 320-1005-01 Rev B
        M/N E03470051, M/O 033008-03

3. If I comment out the two lines marked
   "**** bad keysum target problem", then xmodmaprc
   no longer complains; also it has no effect (ie meta
   and caps_lock are *not* switched)

4. ---------  file .xmodmaprc-switchkeys ------------------
! File: switchkeys    courtesy Ridge McGhee Sept 26th 1990
! Goal: Exchange semantics of Caps_Lock with Meta_L
!       Exchange semantics of Control with Alt_L
! Usage: xmodmap switchkeys
! Notes: Alternate invocations of switchkeys will switch and unswitch keys
!        An implicit assumption is that mod1 is used for Meta_L and Meta_R

! clear any modifier map entries involving Caps_Lock, Meta_L, Control, Alt_L
clear lock
clear control
clear mod1

! exchange semantics
keysym Caps_Lock = Meta_L
keysym Meta_L = Caps_Lock
keysym Control_L = Alt_L         ! **** bad keysum target problem
keysym Alt_L = Control_L         ! **** bad keysum target problem

! restore modifier map
add lock = Caps_Lock
add control = Control_L
add mod1 = Meta_L Meta_R


1. interaction between xmodmap and different Type 4 kbds

Well, after further experimentation I found remapping
code that would work -- see end of msg. This was code
which did *not* work with my old kbd but now does ...

So. 1. What is the difference between the kbds?
    2. I still like the undoable aspect of the other code.
       Is there a way to acheive that for the present kbd?



------------ .xmodmaprc-not-undoable
! from email msg of Maya Raber June 1990
! Goal : Alt_L generates control
! keycode 26 is Alt_L
keycode 26 = Control_L
add control = Control_L

! Goal : Caps_Lock generates meta
! keycode 126 is Meta_L
clear mod1
clear lock
keycode 126 = Meta_L
add mod1 = Meta_L
add lock = Caps_Lock

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