Sun 3/50 memory question..

Sun 3/50 memory question..

Post by Doug McInty » Tue, 09 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I picked up a bunch of 3/50 systems all in parts and boards and what-not.
I do have a bunch of what look to be memory expansion boards, I just
want to verify what they are. It looks like the MMU and PTX chips get
removed from their PLCC sockets, and some PAL's are removed from near
the front of the board, and the memory expansion board plugs into
the MMU and PTX PLCC sockets, while the MMU and PTX chips go into the
expansion board. I assume that the same PAL's are migrated up to the
expansion board as well? Or are they different PAL's provided by
the memory board maker? I assume that SIMMs have to go in by 4's
since it is a 68020 CPU? Using 256k or 1M SIMMs?

Thanks if anybody can answer me. Looks like it would take a little
bit of work to get these going, but I'll some X terminals to play
with then.


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I am looking into getting expansion memory for a sun 3/50.  I have an
offer for a 4M VME card.  Is the 3/50 expandable with normal VME cards?
In general, what are the constraints for expanding memory on a 3/50?

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