HELP: Adding external HD to SS1

HELP: Adding external HD to SS1

Post by Brian De » Tue, 01 Jun 1993 00:59:53

I have a Sun SPARCstation 1 with 16MB RAM and a 19" monochrome monitor.
It is running Solaris 2.1.

I also have an external enclosure containing a Sun SCSI CD-ROM drive
and a SCSI 669MB hard disk.

I was able to mount the CD-ROM drive but have not yet been able to
successfully mount the 669MB drive.

What I would like is the 669 drive to be treated as a filesystem
accessible as "/u".  It would be nice if it automounted upon bootup.

Can any suggest the exact steps I need to take to configure my
SPARC so it "knows" about this external drive, and automatically
mounts it when it boots?

I assume it is a combination of mkfs, mkdev, etc.  Any help would
be appreciated!

-- brian


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Hi all sun or etc usrs'
I'm yrtrying to connect one more SCSI drive to my SS1+.
The system has two drives in it. I just pulled out one drive
from my PC and got external box. The box has bigger connecter so
I gopalso got misiniscsi<-->centrionics cable.
I have assigned 0 and 3 for internal drive, 6 is ofcurse CDROM a,
and will assign other number for new drive.
After I attached the new box to cdrom and put termainator on
the NEW box, I reboot the system and the boot.
At the boot time, system said....
somethinkg klike;  Target3 didn't disconnect.....  or something like
I put ternminator on the dnew drive and also the end connecter on
the box.
Could you someone tell me what I did worng ??
Is it because I use the drive it already ahas been formated by
other DOS ?? or Is my drive dead ??

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