How much is a SparcStation 1+ worth?

How much is a SparcStation 1+ worth?

Post by Narayan S. Ra » Wed, 03 Mar 1993 13:36:26

We have a few SparcStation 1+ machines (in good
running condition) to be sold.  Would some kind
net.experts give me a ballpark estimate about what
price we can reasonably expect for them?  The details:

  SparcStation 1+
  8 MB memory
  16" color monitor
  GX graphics accelerator
  105 MB hard disk

Please help!  All we want to know is ROUGHLY
how much they are worth...  

Thank you very much,

Narayan Sriranga Raja.


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I was given an unused Sparcstation 1 a few years ago, but wasn't really
into computers then and didn't know anything about UNIX systems then.  I
live in the United States now but will be going back to Malaysia for a
visit soon.  My question:  Is it worth retrieving the machine and
bringing it back to the US?  Is it possible to upgrade this machine to
acceptable performance standards (based on today's hardware)?

Any comments are appreciated.  Thanks.


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