Preferred languages

Preferred languages

Post by suegrif » Tue, 10 Jun 2008 20:14:02

 I have recently upgraded my Apple mac computer to a new MacBook Pro and
 am unable to use Contribute. I transferred everything from my
 old computer and cannot understand the error message. When I attempt
 to connect in Contribute the error message says the following
 . "You have entered a character than cannot be handled using the
 preferred languages in the international preferences."  I then proc
 eed to the language settings under system preferences and check to see
 that the only language checked is english. I do not know what
  to do??

1. preferred browser to test movie?

I followed instructions on the following technote to change my browser on a mac
so I could test in my preferred browser...didn't work for me. Still getting the
old browser (safari)
 __________<snip from tech note>
 To create a default browser for Flash MX on Macintosh:

 1.     In the Flash application folder, create a new folder named "Browser".
 2.     Find the original program file for the preferred browser. Select the
program file and choose File > Make Alias.
 3.     Rename the alias "Default Browser".
 4.     Move the alias to the newly created "Browser" folder inside the Flash
application folder.
 5.     To temporarily change back to the default preferred browser, move the
Browser folder to the Desktop or another location. There is no need to relaunch
Flash. To go back to the 'aliased' preferred browser simply move the folder
back into the Flash application folder.

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