Contribute Publishing Server Installation Problem

Contribute Publishing Server Installation Problem

Post by mdvfv » Wed, 16 Jul 2008 02:37:37

ive got a problem with contribute publishing server
installation hang up after second indicator

1. Contribute Publishing Server - installation & purchase

I have what I'm sure is a common situation. I am a web designer who
wants to allow my client to make edits to her site. I already have a
full copy of Macromedia Studio 8 which includes Contribute 3. The way I
understand it, all I need to do is purchase the Contribute Publishing
Server (Single User Access License) for US$89 and install it on my
client's machine. There will be nothing else to buy? Is this correct?
And I believe I should be able to do this remotely (by emailing a
"key"?) - my client lives in a different city so I'm hoping this is
easily done via email.

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