Enable User Directory

Enable User Directory

Post by bslecht » Sat, 13 Sep 2008 05:09:26

I am setting up CPS.  I am setting up users using the file-bases selection.  I
have a connection between publishing server and the website.  When I go into
the administrative tools in Contribute and go to Publishing Server, and click
the button to Enable User Directory, I first receive a message that
Local/Network protocol cannot be used with both Windows and Macintosh
computers. Am I sure I want to enable it?  I click Yes because we don't have
any Macintosh computers.  Then i have a window to login using my User Directory
name and password.  I have entered this the same way it is entered in the User
Directory.  I check the "Trust the server" box and click OK.  I then receive a
message that my user name and password are incorrect.  I've changed the
password in the User Directory in case it was typed wrong but still receive the
same thing.  Can anyone tell me what the problem is?  I believe I've set
everything up according to the documentation. Please help.  We are needing to
get this site out asap.  Thanks.

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I'm trying to enable the User Directory in Contribute via the "Enable User
Directory" button in the Publishing Server section of "Administer Websites".
The error I'm receiving is "Your username and password are incorrect. Make sure
that you are authorized to use the User Directory publishing service."

 I setup CPS under a generic domain account (CMSUser) and not my domain login.
However, the username that comes up when I try to connect is my domain account
(IIS_SCOTT). I've tried both my account and the CMSUser account credentials to
loign but get the same message. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

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