Problem with saving

Problem with saving

Post by cdza » Wed, 13 Aug 2008 23:29:38

I am trying to make an update to my website. It is a bio for a new employee.
so, I use our bio template then chose the "save as" option. Then I would go to
the front bio page and add in the first paragraph from her bio and link it to
the full page. I am not getting the "save as" option for some reason. What am I
doing wrong?

1. problem with saving

I have been working on my portfolio for a week straight. My eyes are
bulging, my nerves are shot and if I drink any more coffee I'll s*** my
brains out.

Here's the problem-

The flash player is not playing the updated version of the portfolio that I
just saved. It is going back to the last version no matter what I do. I've
tried saving the file with a new name and clearing out my browser's cashe
files to no avail.  The funny thing is that the correct version opens in
flash, just not in the flash player or in the browser.

I've been using flash for a few months, I'm no master, but I've never had
this happen before.

Can anyone help?


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