Server down! How do I move to a backup?

Server down! How do I move to a backup?

Post by robothous » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 04:30:53

Hwody folks... our web server went down, and all services need to be moved to a
secondary server. It's Windows IIS and I would like to know what needs to be
done to move over the Contribute Pub Server. I haven't been able to find docs
yet, but may be a bonehead and haven't looked in the right place yet. I'm
assuming the "services" need to be installed on the new server, and certain
files would be moved from the old server to the new... can someone please give
me a lil clue? Thanks much!

1. backup sql server to disk and another server

Hopefully not too dumb of a question here.  I'm more used to dealing with postgresql dumps that are easy to import into a new database.

In this case a client wants "their database on a cd" as they put it.  It currently resides on an ISP server and the client is setting up their own (whether that's a good idea is another story).  The database is SQL 2000.

I know I can make a backup, but I've tried using the backup method before to do a "copy" from one server to another and it didn't work due to something being different in the server (in other words, I took a backup generated on one server and tried to restore it on another).  
Should this work?  Should I be able to generate a backup (once I pull the db down to my local server from the ISP) that will restore correctly on the client's server?

Generating sql scripts only gets the structure, but I need the data too.

I would love to tell this client to use Enterprise Manager to connect and grab the db through export/import, but I'm not in a position to do so (politics).

I'm sure this sort of thing is needed as people transfer to different hosts.  Any suggestions?


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