Contribute CS4 +Blogger and inserting pictures

Contribute CS4 +Blogger and inserting pictures

Post by amykay3 » Thu, 04 Dec 2008 23:06:43

I'm not fluent in Contribute, but I used to be able to insert pictures when I
published to Blogger. I checked my connection, etc., and everything works with
text; however, when I hit the button for inserting a picture, it is grayed out.
When I went back to Contribute CS3 and tried the same thing, I inserted the
picture but I got a message saying the document couldn't be published because
it included pictures that were local. I had no success with pictures from the
option of the internet, either.

 I tried signing in to Blogger, but the screen I got was the Blogger editor.

 I'd appreciate any help as I really want to use Contribute but I'm at a
standstill as to what to do. According to what I've seen, inserting a picture
should be as simple as dragging from an application -


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Is anyone using Contribute to edit their Blogger page? It seems to work
well..but I wanted to see what others thought, or anything I should be aware
of. I am mainly using it to tweak the sidebar and have images open up in a
separate window. Thanks!


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