User Directory Connection failure

User Directory Connection failure

Post by LJRP » Fri, 07 Nov 2008 23:20:38

Good morning all,

 I've have implemented Publishing Server on a Window platform about 2 years ago
everything has been running perfectly until lately, I've been receiving a "The
User Directory Publishing service reported an Error" and the details show,
"Error connecting to the LDAP server.

 Any idea why this is happening?



User Directory Connection failure

Post by AJE18 » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 09:49:24

Hi sorry to hear your having issues

 I cant help however are you able to advise how you use your product, We are a
small web buliding company who would like to give the caperbilities of
Contribute to our clients however if every client has to buy contribute at
retail prce this may not be the best option what would your advice be or who
should I talk with?

 regards Alan


User Directory Connection failure

Post by Dominic Michae » Sat, 22 Nov 2008 19:52:54

Can you please check with your LDAP setting in the CPS console?

User Directory Connection failure

Post by ajy » Thu, 19 Feb 2009 00:54:04

We are experiencing this as well after a couple years of it working fine.

 Anyone have an idea what is causing this?  No changes were made to CPS, and it
fixes itself after a few hours or more.

 I notice the Adobe forums have more questions than answers, but if someone
knows it would be greatly appreciated.


User Directory Connection failure

Post by kcikc » Fri, 27 Mar 2009 06:06:12

Our CPS had been working perfectly up until a few weeks ago as well.

 Our users now receive the "User Directory Connection Failure" with message"
End of file or no input: 'Operation interrupted or timed out'

 This is only when the Contribute client is connecting.  When I go into the CPS
User Directory settings and do a test search and the Authentication test it
works fine.  Furthermore, when I try the Contribute client installed onto the
same workstation as the CPS the client connection fails with the same error.

 I have now completely un-installed the CPS server and reinstalled it onto
another server and I am having the exact same issue.  No progress at all.

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Our users can log in via CPS fine, but when they try to log in from
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User directory Connection Failure

Contribute was unable to communicate with the USer Directory publishing

Trying to connect to:

Any clues?


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