Java 1.6u11 problems and CPS

Java 1.6u11 problems and CPS

Post by JasonCSBSJ » Sat, 13 Dec 2008 02:04:16

Hello everyone,

 I was wondering if anyone has run into the same problem as I have.  We are
currently running CPS on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.2 (32bit) with
tomcat 5.5.26 and Java version 1.6 update 7.  After updating to Java version
1.6 update 11 users couldn't connect with contribute any more and receive this
 The User Directory publishing service reported an error:
 Trying to connect to:
 Error details:
 Error in readKeyFile decryptKey decryptKey().  Error Given final block not
properly padded

 After digging around in the server log files, there are a bunch of Java stack
traces complaining about extra padding while doing some decrypting.  I'm
guessing it is happening when the server tries to access the connection key for
the site, but I'm not sure.

 It'd be nice to know if anyone else is running CPS on Java 6 update 11 or if
others are having problems.



1. Deploying CPS to Sun Java System Application Server

Hi Guys
 I am trying to deploy CPS to the Sun Java App Server (SJSAP) with no luck.
 When I try to open admin/server.cfm I get a stack dump and a vague message.
(see below)
 Any ideas? Do I have to do add something to the Web.xml file or deploy
 Help please!

 javax.servlet.ServletException: STARTUP ERROR: Please change your server's
policy file to give more access to ColdFusion.  See the installation
instructions for more details.
        sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

        java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke($ Method)




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