CPS 3.11 Updater - Where do I download?

CPS 3.11 Updater - Where do I download?

Post by kcikc » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 06:52:47

Forgive me if this seems too basic,, but I think I am missing something.

 My CPS is 1.1 build 2404 and I want to update it to see if the update will
correct a problem we recently ran into where the AD connection is no longer
allowing authentication through CPS.

 Anyhow,, I see over and over again links to download the 1.11 updater, however
when I follow the links I end up with only the option to download CS4 programs
and when I look in the details for the various CS4 packages I see no mention of
CPS.  Is it now called something different?  Will my CPS license still be


CPS 3.11 Updater - Where do I download?

Post by kcikc » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:03:56

Correction .....   CPS Updater 1.11  (not 3.11)  --- thanks.


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Does anybody know where/how to successfully download the Linux version of CPS
1.11??  I'm running a trial version of 1.1 and wanted to pick up the "minor
fixes". Even though the web site says "1.11", the downloaded file is the old

 Calling support didn't help-- they gave me FTP access to a file that was CPS

 I'm having some problems with CPS 1.1 and am really hoping 1.11 will solve

 --- Cris

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