Backup Best Practices

Backup Best Practices

Post by Mike » Sun, 09 Nov 2008 01:37:48

What are the best practices for backing up the Contribute Server? I found a tech note (, but it is from 2005. Is that still accurate?



Backup Best Practices

Post by Dominic Michae » Sat, 22 Nov 2008 20:11:41

I thinks still this is fine, because after CPS 1.1 no new version came out.
This tech note is for CPS 1.1 only.



1. Best Practices / Architectural Approach

Depends on your preference, and on the task. I personally find the XML
object exceedingly cumbersome, and I will do everything I can to avoid using

I am not sure if Flash tackles XML faster than arrays or not. But, I assume
that arrays and simple objects will be faster than XML.


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understanding of the pros/cons/strengths/weaknesses of XML as a data-store,
and have a fairly solid understanding of ActionScripting, but I'd like some
input on approaching a certain project (wow, all that, in just one
sentence! ).
is (let's just assume it's for any project where it makes sense to be using
XML). I've heard several people talk about parsing the XML and putting it
into arrays that are then used w/in Flash. Is this purely a performance
thing? It would seem that envoking methods like appendChild, removeNode,
etc. would be easier (at least from a shear coding perspective) than
manipulating arrays and then building a new XML document after all your
processing. Can anyone help shed some light on the reasons for/against using
arrays and/or manipulating an XML object directly?

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