changing FTP details

changing FTP details

Post by billabc99 » Thu, 27 Nov 2008 19:15:11

Hi All,

 We have a site that is edited by contribute users who connect to the site
using the contribute publishing server.

 We have recently changed the FTP login details on our web server and are now
trying to chage them for the contribute connection. The Problem is this:

 Whenever we try to administer the site it tells us that the ftp details are
wrong and that we should check them however the system will not let us
administer the site to change the details! Catch 22.

 Does anyone know how to edit a site that is managed by the publishing server
but that contains invalid ftp details?

 We could of course delete the site and rebuild the connection but this
situation has arisen before and I'd like to get to the bottom of how to manage

 Any suggestions much appreciated



1. Details of FTP error.

I seemed to have narrowed down the ftp problem.  DW3 connects fine when I
enter a host directory.  However, for one of the web hosting services I use,
the server directory should be set to blank.  This works fine for DW2, but
causes much grief for DW3.

If I change the site info to go to one of the subdirectories on connect the
problem goes away.  Of course I no longer have access to any directories not
part of this tree, like my cgi directory.

Any know what might be going on?



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