basic CPS with CPS server

basic CPS with CPS server

Post by alexst » Sat, 15 Apr 2006 06:27:58

I am interested in using a PHP SOAP system to read and process the Contribute
events. I have looked everywhere, but cannot find documentation on utilizing
these APIs WITHOUT the Contribute Publishing Server.

1. Upgrading CPS 1.0 using Tomcat to CPS 1.1


 We have CPS 1.0 installed and running on Windows 2000 with Tomcat 5.0.7
 Now we like to upgrade from CPS 1.0 to CPS 1.1, the Contribute Publishing
Services 1.1 installer seam not detects are version 1.0 and did not
automatically install over it.

 Instead, it installed CPS 1.1 with JRun4 and SSL

 Now we have two version of CPS running :
 CPS 1.0 at URL http://localhost:8080/pubservices/admin/server.cfm, Tomcat
listening on port 8080 and;
 CPS 1.1 at URL https://localhost:8900/contribute/admin/server.cfm, JRun4
listening on port 8900 and use SSL.

 I would like to upgranding to CPS 1.1 using Tomcat instead of JRun4 and no
SSL. What i should do ?

 Any ideas would be much appreciated
 Thanks !

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