How to start the CPS

How to start the CPS

Post by deandye » Thu, 18 Sep 2008 23:54:16

Okay, we had a power outage and the CPS server isn't set up in the autoload on
our server, so it didn't come back up when we got power back.  We're running on
Linux, and I used the default Simple Install, but I can't find a directory for
the CPS, and the default start command in the install guide, ./bin/startCPS sh,
doesn't work.  I seem to remember finding an alternate start command somewhere,
but can't find it again.  

 Can anyone help with this really basic, stupid question?

 Thanks in advance.


How to start the CPS

Post by deandye » Fri, 19 Sep 2008 00:22:24

Doh!  Default install is in the /root directory.  

 Reminds me of a scene from Labyrinth:

 Security Conscience: "Don't go that way, never go that way."

 [admin wanders off elsewhere]

 Security Conscience: "That way leads you straight to the CPS server at the
middle of the file structure."


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 We have CPS 1.0 installed and running on Windows 2000 with Tomcat 5.0.7
 Now we like to upgrade from CPS 1.0 to CPS 1.1, the Contribute Publishing
Services 1.1 installer seam not detects are version 1.0 and did not
automatically install over it.

 Instead, it installed CPS 1.1 with JRun4 and SSL

 Now we have two version of CPS running :
 CPS 1.0 at URL http://localhost:8080/pubservices/admin/server.cfm, Tomcat
listening on port 8080 and;
 CPS 1.1 at URL https://localhost:8900/contribute/admin/server.cfm, JRun4
listening on port 8900 and use SSL.

 I would like to upgranding to CPS 1.1 using Tomcat instead of JRun4 and no
SSL. What i should do ?

 Any ideas would be much appreciated
 Thanks !

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